corporate society-Fake or real

By | March 17, 2013

Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd is a big name in the network marketing industry of India which emerged in last 5 years approx. Its normal to doubt on an industry which can provide endless income in short period of time according to hardwork of an associate.

With some new launches in the initial product such as Corporate Online Institute of Professional Education and many more courses CIPL got a new force and motivation to acquire market.

For those who have a doubt on its legalities on company option

3.Check company or LLP name

4.Enter the name of company i.e. Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd and click on search

5.Now you will see this government site confirming the legalities of CIPL.

The Director Mr.Rahul Walia and CEO Mr.Diwakar Dhyani has taken care of all the legality procedures to register and run the company. Corporate infocom pvt ltd is also known as corporate society and was registered on 18th December 2007.
The company is doing a remarkable job in the revolution in IT field.

4 thoughts on “corporate society-Fake or real

  1. Kamal batra

    Company is legal. But they are doing illegal work by giving wrong info about their product.they are selling websites jabardasti by saying that “once you buy website,we will teach you the procedure of earning money” and after joining them,they just talk about chain system and to get more people under you.and charging 8300 Rs for a blog is too much.if you are new in blogging,then you can create free blog on blogspot and buy a domain for $ 10 for it and your site is ready.once you become perfect blogger,later you can buy hosting online from hostgator costing 3500-4000 and with a better server.

    1. Shrikant

      Well said bro. They never ever teach you blogging. They only teach you the HR part. They claim 30 days moneyback, but when you ask them they say we wont refund your money. It is surely a scam.

      1. admin Post author

        The company never claim they will teach you. It`s not any institute.

  2. kunal khosla

    This company is one of the best company that i ever meet. In this you have got too much knowledge about website and business part


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