What turns on Indian men?
Jul, 23 2023

In the blog post, "What turns on Indian men?", we delve into the various things that ignite interest in Indian males. We explore how cultural nuances, like respect for tradition and family values, play a role in their preferences. Additionally, we discuss the importance of intelligence, confidence, and physical attractiveness. Furthermore, we touch on the power of emotional connection and how humor is a significant factor. Lastly, we emphasize that like any other men, Indian men too have individual preferences and these general attributes are not applicable to all.

What is your opinion on Indian English news channels?
Jul, 20 2023

In my opinion, Indian English news channels play a crucial role in disseminating information to a vast audience. While some channels maintain journalistic ethics, providing unbiased, accurate news, others tend to sensationalize issues, resulting in a skewed representation of events. The role of media as the fourth pillar of democracy is often undermined by the commercialization and politicization of news. However, the increasing number of independent news channels is a positive trend, providing a platform for diverse perspectives. It's essential for these channels to prioritize factual reporting and uphold journalistic standards to maintain viewers' trust.

Do domestic flights allow a drunk passenger?
Jul, 12 2023

The question of whether domestic flights allow drunk passengers isn't a simple yes or no. While airlines don't have a specific policy banning intoxicated passengers, they do reserve the right to refuse boarding to anyone they deem a potential risk to the safety or comfort of others. So, if you're visibly intoxicated, causing a scene, or seem likely to become disruptive, you might not be allowed on your flight. It's also worth noting that excessive drinking can exacerbate health issues related to air travel. So, for the sake of everyone's comfort and safety, it might be best to save the celebrations for after the flight.